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Dominic Halpin | Website Auditor Testimonial

Dominic Halpin | Website Auditor Testimonial
A very easy to use and priceless piece of software!
My Swing Band, 'Dominic Halpin & the Honey B's' now ranks at number 2 in Google UK and number 4 in Google US for the term I was using Web Site Auditor to rank for.

Before using this program it was hit and miss, this software now allows me to optimize my website perfectly. A very easy to use and priceless piece of software!

Dominic Halpin

Website Auditor Editions - Which One?

Not sure which version of WebSite Auditor is best for you? Check below for the features Free, Professional and Enterprise versions have and decide which edition suits your needs best.

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Create Onpage Optimization Reports

Once you have produced your optimization report within WebSite Auditor, the Enterprise Edition allows you to export it into a valid HTML format which can then easily be uploaded to a Web server.
Publish Reports Online

WebSite Auditor Enterprise Edition lets you easily upload your report to your website allowing you or your customers to instantly access on the Web.
Generate Printable Onpage Optimization Reports

As soon as you have created your report, WebSite Auditor Enterprise lets you save it as a PDF format which is ideal for printing. You can then email the report to your customers knowing that whether they use a Mac or a PC, their Optimization Report will look great.
Email Optimization Reports To Your Customers

WebSite Auditor Enterprise lets you manually or automatically email a report to your customer's email address from within the program.
Save Reports Directly To Your Computer

Quickly save generated onpage optimization reports using WebSite Auditor Enterprise to your computer. Automatically create a logical folder system based on client name, website address, report date, etc.
Increase Efficiency With Report Publishing Profiles

The Enterprise Edition of WebSite Auditor allows you to define a series of actions to be taken when a report is created, such as produce the report as a PDF, and then email it to the customer.

This is known as a publishing profile which is a great way to make your report available for subsequent outside of WebSite Auditor. For every project you are managing, you have the ability to create an unlimited number of publishing profiles, allowing you to select whichever one you need at a click of the mouse. This avoids the need to repeat the same steps over and over again.
Export Onpage Optimization Data

WebSite Auditor Enterprise Edition has a truly comprehensive export capability, allowing quick creation of an HTML, TXT, SQL or XML export of optimization data.
Run Automatic Scheduled Tasks

Using the Task Scheduler, you can programme the software to run certain on a set date and time, thus releasing you to conduct other SEO tasks.
Save Projects Directly to Your Computer

With WebSite Auditor you can save onpage optimization projects (including all data) to your computer for later use.
Migrate Your Data To A Spreadsheet For Analysis

It is a simple task to copy analytical data from WebSite Auditor to a spreadsheet for analysis, printing or further processing.
Locate And Analyze Every Page In Your Website

Website Auditor gathers all pages of your website, hidden or not to the search engines, and arranges them into an easy-to-view list. This way you see the whole structure of your site, clearly presented for analysis and optimization.
1/3 of found pages maximum
Calculate Website Statistics Relevant To All Pages Of Your Website

Keep an eye on crucial statistics calculated for your entire site. WebSite Auditor can analyze multiple factors for all pages of your site.
1/3 of found pages maximum
Professional Advice On Optimization Of Content

Obtain comprehensive professional guidance to optimize your page content for improved search engine positioning.
Optimize Unlimited Websites

With WebSite Auditor you can optimize as many websites as you wish, no matter who they belong to.
Store All Analytical Data For Your Website Within One Project

Keep all essential SEO data for your site at hand — stored in one easily managed project.
Health Check Your Website

WebSite Auditor notifies you of any problems that could be affecting your website. You will be guided to cure every onpage optimization issue so that your entire website system works perfectly.
Optimize Your Website's Source Code To Perfection

Validate your pages' source code to identify and fix any errors which may prevent search engines from reading your pages correctly.
Run A Full Search Engine Indexation Analysis

Check cache dates for each of your site pages on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Discover which pages are not yet indexed, see how many pages of your site have been indexed in the major search engines, and more.
Protect Your Website From Duplicate Content Problems

Ensure that none of your pages fall foul of the search engines and spoil your website's rankings caused by duplicate content issues. Locate and rewrite any duplicate titles or meta descriptions on your site.
Take Full Control Of Your Website's Link Structure

Organize your website's internal linking efficiently.  Control PageRank distribution across every page in your site. This allows you to determine which of your pages will rank higher in the search engines.
Maximize Social Media Promotion

Monitor your website's popularity in social media, find out where most of your traffic is coming from, and focus your promotional efforts for maximum efficiency.
Produce Search Engine Friendly Website Content

WebSite Auditor helps you to write Google-friendly content for websites, for any topic and competing in any market sector.
Discover Your Top 10 Competitors' Optimization Plan

WebSite Auditor lets you to see successful onpage optimization techniques employed by the leading websites in your sector — in no time at all.
Support For 663 Global Search Engines

WebSite Auditor presently supports 663 international and local search engines allowing you to tune your web pages for the one that is optimal for you.
See Your Page As A Search Engine Does

WebSite Auditor can show you how a search engine sees your pages, and what keywords appear the most important to you. Learn the truth about what's really going on on your pages.
Brand Your SEO Reports

Change the look and feel of your Onpage Optimization Reports to include your company's logo, name, header and footer.
Customise Your Reports To Suit Your Customer's Experience Level

Choose between different types of reports to match your customer's knowledge. Get full guides to SEO with detailed comments and advice, alternatively choose simple data summaries.
Custom Report Templates To Suit Your Needs

Easily create and manage unlimited customizable onpage optimization report templates for different projects and clients.
Fast Customization of Reports

If you don't need advanced customization, WebSite Auditor includes a number of pre-defined color schemes so your reports can really stand out.
Keep Your Website Search Engine Safe And Friendly

WebSite Auditor is 100% safe and Google-friendly. It includes support for Google, Yahoo! and Bing API keys ensuring that you access these search engines safely.

Furthermore, WebSite Auditor has extensive safety features such as Human Emulation and User Agents Rotation. The advanced Proxy Rotation feature ensures that the program appears to search engines to be a human with a Web browser.
Customizable Workspace Filters

Conveniently hide the information you don't need to display on your screen, and only see the results you need to see. Perhaps you just need to see the pages with PageRank higher than 3, or keyphrases with density in alt tags less than 5%, and hide all other items.
Quick Search

WebSite Auditor's quick search is the perfect way to find just what you need (a specific meta tag or keyphrase among dozens of others) instantly.
Supports Working Behind A Proxy Server

WebSite Auditor fully supports working behind a proxy server. This allows you to analyze your own and your competitor's websites, and generate reports without problems.
Automatic WebSite Auditor Updates

Your program will automatically download updates as soon as you launch it.
Full Cross-Platform Compatibility

WebSite Auditor works seamlessly on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. You can run it with confidence on your Windows PC or your Mac laptop with no worries.
Available In Several Languages

Website Auditor optimizes sites in any language and for any country's search engines. You can choose to see the interface and reports in English, German, Russian or French.


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