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James Dowell | Rank Tracker Testimonial

James Dowell | Rank Tracker Testimonial
Finally I can get productive when I check website rankings of my 4 sites in Google and Yahoo!
A huge THANKS for creating Rank Tracker you guys. We all know rankings can and will go through ups and downs, and I have over 200 long-tail phrases to monitor... which used to be a nightmare before I stumbled upon your product!

Finally I can get productive when I check website rankings of my 4 sites in Google and Yahoo!

James Dowell
Webmaster & SEO

Rank Tracker Features

Here is a list of main Rank Tracker Professional features. If you wish to compare them to the Enterprise version and learn exactly what extra features Rank Tracker Enterprise offers, make sure you take check out our Rank Tracker comparison table.

Rank Tracker Features Rank Tracker Professional

Discloses your search engine ratings with a mouse click

Forget spending too much time manually checking your own site's ranks within search engines. Just relax and allow Rank Tracker to perform the hard work for you!


Tracks ratings on auto-pilot should you choose

You set up Rank Tracker after installation, so that it can run rank checks totally automatically at set dates and times. And you'll only have to look at the reports when it suits you.

Rank Tracker Enterprise Track Keyword Rankings

Tells you if your website has moved upwards or downwards in the search rankings

Every time your rankings are checked, Rank Tracker shows you your new and old positions so you can quickly see if your website has moved up or down in the search results.


Find profitable keywords you should have been targeting!

Look at this: Rank Tracker features a powerful "Suggest Keywords" tool. This clever feature allows you to get traffic-generating keywords using Overture, Google Suggest, your competition's sites, and many other additional methods! (Rank Tracker has a total of 8 keyword recommendation tools — with many more on our wishlist!)

This element on its own is so potent, you might have to pay upwards of $100 to get software that incorporates this single feature!

SEO Ranking Software SEO Ranking Tool

Facilitates 663 different search engines

Rank Tracker facilitates 663 international as well as local search engines so you can monitor your ratings using your chosen search engine. Rank Tracker currently supports Google, Yahoo! and Bing, and their localized versions.


Shows you the BEST keywords to optimize your website for!

Rank Tracker can display to you how frequently a keyword has been searched on by real people over the previous month. Additionally you can see how stiff the competition is for this keyword. This ratio of searches to competition is known as Keyword Efficiency Index, or KEI.

This is how the experts choose the best keywords to optimize for — they select keywords with the largest amount of searches AND the lowest competition. Go ahead, make use of the KEI tool to discover which keywords count!

SEO Ranking Tools Keyword Ranking Tracker

Enables you to see how well you rank over time

Rank Tracker retains a daily, weekly and month-to-month change report to show you where your website ranks for any search phrase.


Produces attractive graphs that display your progress visually

Pictures talk louder than words — go ahead, create eye-catching progress charts that will display your ranking progress for any time period you desire.

Ranking Tracker Rank Checker Tool

Export data in any file format

Rank Tracker features a comprehensive export tool, allowing you to get your data in CSV, TXT, HTML, XML, SQL and many other file formats.


Includes easy to customize Workspace filter systems

This function allows you to easily hide the information you don't want to see, and leave just the results you need. For example, you could choose to display the top 10 rankings for the search term "red widgets" in Google and Yahoo in and hide everything else.

Keyword Rank Checker Tool Rank Checker Software

Enables you to configure the number of search result pages to monitor

You are able to choose as many result pages to check as you like for your website; maybe the Top 10, Top 100 or even the Top 1,000. If you know your website is listed in the Top 50, all you have to do is set the search limit to 50 websites to speed up the search.


Supports proxy servers

If your computer is working behind a proxy server you are in luck; Rank Tracker supports the proxy server feature so you can monitor your rankings easily just by configuring your proxy in the Preferences menu.

Rank Checker Download Rank Tracking Software

Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems

Rank Tracker is truly cross-platform, and will run on Windows, MAC OS or even Linux.


Speak Multiple Languages

Rank Tracker search engine optimization software can optimize websites in any language. It also speaks several languages too.


Keyword Ranking Report Keyword Rank Report